Dubbelconcert: Ethiopiques revisited, Zuiderpershuis, Antwerpen


UKanDanZ & Guèbrèyès + Eténèsh Wassié

Fr 27 jan 2012, 20:30, Zuiderpershuis, Antwerpen

15 euro presale – 18 euro tickets

Double bill: Ethiopiques revisited

The collaboration between the French electronic quartet UKanDanZ and the spectacular singer Asnaké Guèbrèyès results in a refreshing dynamism. Guèbrèyès mostly performed in a more traditional fashion like on the Ethiopiques-compilations. On the other hand he also sang contemporary creations by Mohamed Jimmy Mohammed Trio and Han Bennink. UKanDanZ and Guèbrèyès blend naturally into symbiosis. Their pronounced polyrhythmic incites the audience. Their energy makes it sound like rock, their improvisations remind us of jazz and the very soul of their sound is ethnic. This is Ethiobeat with the power of trance.

  • Asnaké Guèbrèyès: vocals
  • Frédéric Escoffier: keyboards
  • Guilhem Meier: drums
  • Lionel Martin: saxophone
  • Damien Cluzel: guitar


Eténèsh Wassié & Mathieu Sourrisseau

The wild, slightly enigmatic voice of singer Eténèsh Wassié and Mathieu Sourriseau’s amazing guitar playing are a sparkling combination. Eténèsh chose her favorite Ethiopian traditionals, for example ballads from the amzari cabaret. Mathieu adds new impulses to these songs with the acoustic bass, influenced by artists like Mingus, Sonic Youth and Tom Waits. In short: an inspiring duo.

More info at Zuiderpershuis.

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